Vibe Events - “The Concept”
This is a place where the youth feel safe to explore their musical talent through producing the Vibe for their peers.

In return their fans can listen and dance in a great environment

VITALITY – abundant physical and mental energy, combined with a wholehearted and excited approach to situations and activities which include making, listening and dancing to music at Vibe Events

INTEGRITY – having high moral principles and setting standards that you as an individual choose to adhere to, whilst forming a complete, rounded and polished entertainer. Vibe Events will help you find your standards and principles as an artist or an appreciator of great music in a safe, yet Vibe-filled environment

BELIEF – the inner-most spirit that you can do anything you put your mind and passion to – Muzos can change lives with what they sing about.
The Gold Coast youth have a wealth of musical talent distributed throughout our 28 High Schools’ Music Departments, innumerable Youth Groups and 250 multi-denominational Churches between Coolangatta and Beenleigh. Vibe Events has a vision to bring this talent out of the garages, bedrooms and showers and give them opportunities to develop their talents by working with experienced and skilled Muzos from the Gold Coast and beyond, to nurture our musical youth.

EMPOWERMENT – The feeling of having an impact on others well-being – Muzos have this power within them borne out through their musical expression.
A band can only form a fan-base from exposure. Vibe Events is all about getting the youth muzos heard, and giving great events for their friends to come and support them whilst they entertain the Gold Coast youth. Fans are formed as bands are heard – LETS GET THIS PLACE ROCKING!!




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